Verve Cycling – the company behind the InfoCrank power meter – has continued its collaboration with cycling technology designer Dimitris Katsanis. From this collaboration, the first samples of the InfoCrank 3D Ti were introduced in 2021, and now Verve is makes the new 3D printed titanium power meter available for the wider market.

Katsanis and his company Metron Additive Engineering are well noted throughout the world of cycling especially for partnering with teams such as the Great Britain Cycling Team and Team Ineos (formerly Team Sky). 3-Way Plug /Socket

3D printed titanium power meter: Verve revamps InfoCrank 3D Ti -

Together with Verve Cycling, Metron developed the 3D printed power meter in titanium. The InfoCrank 3D Ti is precision machined and polished to a mirror finish.

The InfoCrank 3D Ti power meter features a new crank arm that is 3D printed in Ti6Al4V titanium. The arm is then equipped with the Verve power measuring system. Torque and cadence are measured from within the crank arms to determine a cyclist’s power output, calculating right and left leg individually.

the first cranks were developed specifically for british cycling’s track sprinters, so strength was paramount – given the amount of power output from these riders.

Bryan Taylor, Verve Cycling CEO, said “At Verve, we’ve always prided ourselves on delivering products that stand up to the claims we make, and the outstanding measurement capabilities of the InfoCrank have long been known in the world of elite cycling.

“Never content to rest on the laurels of peerless data however, we have asked ourselves how we can up our game even further. Enter the 3D printed titanium cycling power meter! Working with Dimitris and his team has been incredibly exciting and we feel we have achieved something truly special together that is going to change the landscape of power measurement forever.”

Dimitris Katsanis, founder and CEO of Metron Advanced Engineering, said “The track version of the titanium 3D printed crank is a real tour de force in terms of optimised performance for world class riders.

3D printed titanium power meter: Verve revamps InfoCrank 3D Ti -

Kitchen Timer “We’re very happy to be working with the team at Verve to bring the latest cutting-edge technology of metal 3D printing to the power meter market.”